Tower of glasses


Tower of glasses

The best decoration for corporate events, weddings or private parties is a pyramid of glasses. Impressive pyramid structure of the glasses is in the process will be filled up. The presence at the festival ptower of glasses would not leave your guests unattended.

A process of filling will please everybody. Foamy liquid is filling the pyramid of glasses from the top to the each next tier, creating a cascade of shimmering waterfalls.

Tower of glasses is always a solemn and delightful show. The bride and groom fill the upper glasses by themselves, what allows to make gorgeous photos and video recording. The height of the pyramid is selected in accordance with the number of guests at the event.

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Tower of glasses

Tower of glasses price*

56 glasses 6 tiers  triangular  $450
84 glasses tiers  triangular  $490
91 glasses tiers  square  $510
140 glasses  tiers   square  $550
Included in the price:
  • Glasses;
  • Installation of the pyramid;
  • garnishing each glass with a cherry;
  • dry ice;
  • 3 hours of one bartender's work (set up/clean up);
  • LED Table;
  • 2 LED Ice Buckets

We do not provide champagne

Delivery is not included

Pyramid of glasses

Order the service pyramid of glasses - and your event will be a truly amazing!

Tower of glassesPyramid of glasses is a very complex geometric design. Its complexity depends on the shape and the number of tiers in the pyramid. The shape may be in the form of a classic 4-dx coal pyramid, and in a triangular shape. According to the number of tiers of the pyramid from 4 to 8 tiers. For the preparation of the pyramid usually use glasses with a wide base and extended neck, often there is a martini or coupe glasses. Glasses of this form of the pyramid give stability and reliability.

Installation time for tower of glasses is from an hour to several hours. It is important to set up a pyramid that would maintain its stability during filling. Pyramid of glasses should not only be collected accurate, it is also necessary to fill correctly. Pour the champagne carefully from the upper glass, that would not upset the glass. After filling the top glasses, liquid will be poured, filling the lower tiers to the lowest level. At the slightest defect in the preparation, during the filling, the pyramid may collapse like a house of cards. So do not try to assemble a tower of  glasses by yourself.

It is better to entrust this work to professionals!

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