LED Furniture rental

 LED High Cocktail Tables for rent 


LED High cocktail table for rent

Glowing Cocktail tables for hire work 8 hours from batteries without charging. High cocktails tables are suitable for catering Cocktail, buffet and other types of events. We deliver Illuminated cocktail tables clean and full charged, you can turn them on right before the start of event. During the sun day – plastic cocktail tables are white, so they will look great even in white themed party.


L18″ D18″ H43″  

Glass top 26"SQ

Product #: TAB-01

Pieces Avail: 15

LED Cocktail tables contains:

LED Buffet table for rentLED Buffet tables for rent

Glowing buffet bar is a special element of LED furniture to serve appetizers. The width and the height of the stand is just perfect and comfortable for guest take some food. It also can be called as snack station, because you can put on them extra stands and place on as many snacks as you can.


L60″ D18″ H43″ 

5 pieces make a circle

Product #: TAB-03

Pieces Avail: 12

LED benches chair for rentLED Snake benches rental

Illuminated Snake Benches are modular, they can be set up in circle or other form. Glowing Snake Benches for hire are perfect for providing collective seating that makes a big impact.

​Pairs with Cubes
6 Pieces make circle


L47″ D17″ H17″

Product #: BEN-01

Pieces Avail: 8


LED Coffee tables for rent

 LED Solid coffee tables for rent

Glowing tables can be indoor or outside. Our customers have included this rental item for parties, events and tradeshow displays. These cubes are very bright, whether you plan wedding or birthday party, you need them to make your interior bright.


24" SQ

Glass top 24"SQ

Product #: TAB-02

Pieces Avail: 10

 LED Cube Ottomans for rentLED Cube Ottomans for rent

Now you have the opportunity to highlight the design of activities, taking in rent glowing poufs. These LED ottomans with beautiful soft top are well suited to highlight the lounge area at the event. Glowing poufs can also be used indoor or outside


L16" D16" H18"

White soft faux leather cushion.

Product #: CUBE-02

Pieces Avail: 15

LED Light up DJ Booth for rentLED DJ Booth for rent

The dimensions of the LED DJ booth for rent are just perfect for comfortable DJ's work.

This LED DJ Booth Rental offers large customizable space. The flat panel front makes it easily customized using adhesive vinyl. You can place on the LED DJ Booth for rent: colour images, messages, logos (for extra). Call us to discuss this option.


L60″ D18″ H43″

Product #: TAB-03

Pieces Avail: 12

LED Cubes for rentLED Open Cubes for rent

LED multifunctional cubes can be used as:

1. LED Product display;

2. Flower pot;

3. Ice bucket;

4. Shelves.

Cubes work from rechargeable batteries, so you can place them wherever you want: indoor or outside.
At your party you want a space where you can display various bottles and glasses. If you planning a presentation of new product, this display – is perfect, it’s light up, so you can attract more attention to your product.

These LED Cubes are waterproof, so you can easily use them as LED ice bucket for rent, just fill it with ice and put bottles inside to chill them.

LED Flower pots for rentDimensions:

L16" D16" H16"

Product #: CUBE-01

Pieces Avail: 25







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