GOLD Baroque Throne Chair

Luxury Italian GOLD Throne Chair Rental

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Gold Baby shower chair rental

Dimensions: H44″ L41″ D39″

Product #: CH-01


Pieces Avail: 2

Luxury Baroque Vintage style Throne Chair Rental

These chairs are great for Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Gender Reveal Party, Birthday Party etc.

High quality Italian Thrones for rent. We do delivery 7 days a week to NY, NJ, Long Island.

This Pink Throne Chair for rent is not only a luxurious seat but also an irresistible design furniture.

The seat adapts to any type of space, indoor and outdoor.

GOLD Baroque Furniture

Victorian Throne chair rental Gold Baroque Chair and Table luxury throne rental 1 Gold Baroque Chair, 1 table, 1 Framed Mirror or Chalkboard Gold throne rental nj 1 Gold Baroque Chair, 2 LED Floor Lamps, 1 Gold Table
Gold throne rental ny Package 2 Gold Chairs, 1 Table, 1 Framed Mirror or Chalkboard

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