LED Display/Back Bar Rental

LED Display/Back Bar for rent

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LED Cubes for rent

LED Display/Back Bar for rent is a very necessary item for your event

Cubes work from rechargeable batteries, so you can place them wherever you want: indoor or outside.
At your party you want a space where you can display various bottles and glasses. If you planning a presentation of a new product, this display – is perfect, it’s light up, so you can attract more attention to your product.

Every cube can be branded with the logo of: company, brand, product.

Dimensions of one cube:

L16" D16" H16"

Product #: CUBE-01

Pieces Avail: 25

LED Display for rent contains:

Delivery and Tax are not included.

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 LED Display of 6 cubes L5' H91" - $220  LED Display of 9 cubes L5' H91" - $290  LED Display of 15 cubes L10' H91" - $510  LED Display of 18 cubes L10' H91" - $570  LED Display of 24 cubes L15' H91" - $790

 Need a Custom Display/Branding - require for a quote, providing details.

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